Sunday, 12 January 2014

Unlike the tablet devices, Amazon Kindle white paper is specifically designed to provide the best reading experience. This Gizmo is not only a great e-book reader, it has great hardware with Amazon’s remarkable ecosystem, which is definitely an untouchable combination.

kindle white paper
Kindle Paperwhite Features
  • The electronic reader reads like paper, you will not see any annoying glare, in bright sunlight even.
  • With its next generation front light the Paperwhite leads light to the surface of the display. This helps you read comfortably without any eyestrain problem.
  • Long battery life, the Kindle white paper 2013 needs only a single charge for 8 weeks if you use the reader for half an hour without wireless per day and light setting at ten.
  • You can read comfortably with one hand as the device is thinner than a pencil and lighter than a softcover. It is almost 30% lighter than the mini iPad.
  • You will not face any distraction white reading as the new Kindle Paperwhite is specially designed as a out-and-out electronic reader. Enjoy uninterruptable reading experience absolutely free from email alerts or messenger notifications.
Kindle Paperwhite Reviews

There is an article by Rich Jaroslovsky on entitled “Kindle Paperwhite Will Make Readers Rejoice”. This article explains the importance of this wonderful device. In 2013, Amazon had released its new Kindle white paper with some additional features like the Wi-Fi only internet connection for only $119 and an optional feature package that includes built-in lifetime cellular service for only $189.

Similarly Ewan Spence wrote a review on that says “If Only Every E-Book Reader Was This Good”. The review says that Amazon is now at the top of the tree regarding ebook readers. Ewan explains the new Kindle white paper in two words “It’s great”. 

Another Kindle white paper review “Kindle Paperwhite (2013) Review:Faster, Prettier, Still the Best” over by Mario Aguilar had become viral over social media. Mario wrote in the review about the new Kindle white paper display “the display is amazing”. 


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