Sunday, 20 April 2014

The new launch from Amazon that has grabbed the attention of many is its new eReader called Kindle DX. It is the largest eReader introduced by Amazon so far and its unique features have managed to allure all those who want a convenient reading experience on the go. The device, despite of its weight and large size, can easily be carried anywhere. 

Many critical Kindle DX reviews have been made that further highlight what this device has to offer. Kindle DX specs have been found to follow some of the conventions set by the earlier Kindles while some Kindle DX specs are unique in the eReader market. This sleek new device comes with the following specs:

  • Large screen with a 4-bit monochrome display using the eInk technology
  • Better resolution in grayscale, readability and high level of screen visibility even in low light
  • User-friendly keyboard with easy-to-handle keys
  •  Built-in memory of 4GB
  • Convenient web browsing capability anywhere even in the absence of Wi-Fi
  •  Longer battery life, i.e. one charge can allow a reader up to 10,000 page turns
  •  Capability to support AZW, Doc, PDF, MOBI, PRC, ePub and many other file formats with ease
  • Unique auto-rotating screen introduced for the first time in the eReader zone
  • Inclusion of a multimedia player and capability to support MP3 files

Where to buy Kindle DX from is not an issue anymore. The device is easily available on all the Amazon outlets retailing for $379.00. You can make an online Kindle DX review of all the Kindle DX specs before making a purchase. A little homework will help you decide where to buy Kindle DX from. This innovative eReader has always been the love of the readers. With its new and more refined generation, Kindle will manage to maintain its market position it has been enjoying till today. 

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